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Sports therapy uses a range of massage techniques along with deep tissue work to treat the body’s areas of muscular tension. Whether the tension has come from a particular sport, activity or occupational posture, the aim is to reduce the discomfort by releasing that build-up of tension within the muscle and surrounding fascia and aiming to make sure the area is restored back to a healthy and ‘less-tense’ condition. More and more people are discovering its wide ranging benefits which can also help a variety of conditions.

Treatment times are dependent on the area(s) you would like treated, a guide would be:
• 60 minutes Lower body -100% legs & glutes, the most popular with cyclists and runners
• 60 minutes Full body massage – 50% legs and 50% back, neck and shoulders
• 30 minutes Focusing on a specific limb or single area

All treatments are tailored to your needs and durations of future sessions can be discussed at the initial consultation.

The initial consultation involves:
• Medical history
• Fitness background
• Key areas of concern to be treated
• Assessment of flexibility or range of movement
• Massage treatment
• Review of treated area
• Stretching/recovery guidance

The benefits of a Sports & Remedial Massage include:
• Reducing muscular tension and stress

• Helping with the prevention of Injury by identifying problem areas
• Increase performance and enhance training due to improved flexibility
• Breaks down adhesions and fibrous tissue caused by the forming of scar tissue
• Reduces the build-up of waste products created by exercise by improving circulation
• Decreases the recovery period between training sessions
• Improving muscular posture


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Initial Consultation – Duration 60 minutes - £50.00.
Follow-on Consultation – Duration 30 mins - £30.00.

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