What is a Lactate Threshold Test?

A Lactate Threshold test is the perfect way to ride and train smarter regardless of what type of cyclist you are: whether you ride sportives, do spin classes, go on a few club runs, or are a keen racer! In terms of general riding, your Lactate Threshold is the intensity that separates “sustainable” from “unsustainable.” When you are out riding with a group (or on your own) and you are going hard, you will know how long you are able to sustain such an effort!  With regards to racing, it is a key determinant of performance and will decide if you are riding below your Lactate Threshold for the majority of a race when others around you might be riding above theirs. Simply put, you will have more performance left at the end of your ride.

How long does it take?

A Lactate Threshold test takes 1hr.

What do I need?

When attending your test please come equipped with your bike, kit and bike shoes. It is also advised to bring a drink of water and a towel.

Single - £99.00.
Multi (4 tests) - £297.00.

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