Our Customers

Whether you are an experienced competitor or you are brand new cyclist you will find a warm welcome at Cadence. We cater for any age, any ability and any level of fitness.

Select any of the sections below to hear what our customers have to say.

Novice Cyclists

Many of our customers are new to cycling and we offer a comprehensive range of services from confidence building, bike maintenance and fitness programmes. We cater for all ages and abilities and whether you choose to ride indoor or outdoor we can help. Check out what our novice customers have to say....
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Sportive Riders

Perhaps you are recent newcomer to cycling or you are a seasoned rider but either way you probably have been firmly bitten by the cycling bug. Looking for your next cycling challenge is one of your big preoccupations. then we can help you go faster and further - our coaching plans are scientifically based along with a range of fitness tests. We employ some of the best bike fitters in the UK to ensure you get the ideal position on the bike. See what our sportive rider customers have to say....
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Competing Riders

Whether you take part in competitive events like road races, time trials or triathlons or you just want to go faster again on your bike then Cadence is where you come to optimise your performance. We have worked with many professional riders and our competition clients all achieve personal bests and secure wins in their chosen discipline. See what our competition riders have to say about Cadence.....
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