Frank Beechinor CEO

I’ve been interested in cycling all my life having started racing when I was 14 in Ireland competing at county, regional and national level in road racing, hillclimbing, time trialling and cyclo-cross. I stopped riding my bike in my early 20s but remained in contact with the sport and got back into cycling 4 years ago. Over 5-6 months I lost over 5 stone in weight and rekindled a passion for the sport which has remained dormant all those years. Having got on the road and realising how few places existed where cyclists could convene resulted in the creation of Cadence. These days, I don't ride my bike as often as I should due to work pressures and my weight has crept back up. You always know the mechanics car (the one with the broken exhaust pipe) or the plumbers house (with the leaking pipes), well I'm the cycling equivalent!

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