Ray Vella Director & Co-Founder

I have been cycling regularly since 1986 and have several bikes including a Trek Madone, three Roberts hand built steel bikes,( a fixed wheel, an Audax model and a tandem) and I also ride off-road occasionally. I also have a couple of mountain bikes in Malta where I was born and I ride there regularly as off-road riding is very popular.

I have been a member of Dulwich Paragon for the past few years and cycling is my passion. My full-time job is an NHS GP and I run a practise in Beckenham. Frank has been a patient of mine for 20 years. After much badgering I eventually got him to start riding his bike again. It was on those cycle rides that the concept for Cadence was Born. I still ride my bike every day and, unlike Frank, I'm not afaraid of bad weather!

  • Anything with wheels