Weekend Ride outs

Come and join us on one of our regular rides as we head out into the Kent lanes. Rides range from 1 hour to 3-4 hours and cover 15 to 60 miles, depending on ability. It doesn't matter if you are new to cycling and you are just building confidence - you can join our beginners group. Nobody gets left behind and there's always a helping hand if you get into trouble.

Rides leave from our Crystal Palace site currently and we plan to introduce ride outs from our Radlett location from Autumn 2016

The common ride groups are:

Beginners (e.g. 50-60km, 20-22 km/h)

Improvers (e.g. 70-80km, 22-24 km/h)

Intermediate (e.g. 80-120km, 24-27km/h)

Advanced (80-160km, 26-31km/h)


Find out more info on our calendar