Coached Rider Profile - Stephanie Wheatley

In this Coached Rider Profile you will hear from Stephanie Wheatley, racing for LIV Racing and is coached by Ciaran O'Grady. Here is her experience of coaching!

What made you look at starting a coaching program?

 I had been working with a coach previously but hadn’t got the results I felt I could achieve.  When I met Ciaran it became clear that he knew what he was talking about and had the results to back it up.

What has surprised you about the coaching program?

 That an easy day means ‘easy’ whereas before I had the tendency to overcook it!

What are your goals and aspirations in terms of cycling?

I would very much like to move up a British Cycling licence category this year.


Stephanie Wheatley in action (Left)

Tell us a little bit about what your 'usual' week of training is like?

A usual week comprises of a variety of sessions depending on where I am in the year.  In the winter it was more about endurance and base work.  Over the spring it has turned towards higher level intensity work and race pace intervals.  It has been significantly harder this year as I had a major operation in November and had to have 7 weeks off the bike.  The comeback was a challenge and I have only been able to train at intensity since mid-February.  Ciaran however knew this and planned each session with this in mind.

How has the coaching support and sports science testing helped your training?

It has been particularly useful in the comeback from operation as highlighted above.  The regular testing helped to back up the hard work by showing me how much my fitness had improved.

What advice would you give to riders who were thinking about starting a coaching plan?

Find one who has experience in your area that you want to focus on.  It is definitely worth it the results speak for themselves.

Most memorable cycling experience whilst you've been on a coaching plan?

Having a group of riders in a race commenting how strong I was riding and the pace of the race.  This has also happened in a sportive ride in Mallorca.  I was able to ride strongly on the front even towards the end of the ride.

Finally, just for fun; favorite & least favorite parts of training and why!

My favourite is 30 : 30’s as it is a chance to give it everything and I know that I only have to do 10 before a recovery.  My worst is probably a Pyramid session as it feels like it’s not going to end...!

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