Electric Bike Test Day

Have you Ever Ridden an Electric Road Bike?

Now is your chance on our special Electric bike test day. Come along and see us at Crystal Palace Park any time between midday and 4pm and take of our test bikes for a ride. And if you register in advance we will even give you a beer after your test ride.(That's afteryour test ride - beer and e-bikes are not the best combination!)

We will have mountain, road and hybrid bikes available on the day.  It is all very informal. Pop along to our test station in the upper car park in Crystal Palace. Check out the bikes and ask questions and if you are ready take a bike for a ride. You can have just a quick spin around the car park or take the test bike further afield. Stay for 5 minutes or 30 minutes - you decide. All we ask is you let us know what time you are coming along so we can ensure we have a bike available for your. All you need to do is bring a a credit card and proof of ID which we hold as security when you take the test bike.

Road E

Try the amazing Giant Road-E a full-blown road bike with hybrid electric technology. The hybrid motor kicks in with up to 250W of extra power when you need it most. There's no point reading about it - you just have to try it for yourself. Check out the video here and see the review here. 

The Giant Hybrid Cycling Technology is a system that combines electric power with human power to produce the most efficient, powerful and natural E-bike.riding experience. It’s a seamless extension of a rider’s own power that sets Giant E-bikes apart from other “electric” bicycles. The system consists of four key innovative technologies that work in unison with your own body’s power output—a seamless extension of your own capabilities.

Electric Mountain Bikes

Then there are the Dirt-E and Full-E range full blown hard-tail and full suspension Electric mountain bikes. 

Giant have blended their mountain bike and hybrid technology to create the ultimate off-road combination. It's off-road adventure made fun and accessible. 

Dirt _E

The all-new Full-E is is engineered with a lightweight and strong ALUXX SL aluminum frame that features 140mm of smooth Maestro rear suspension and a SyncDrive motor that’s powered by Yamaha. Proven off-road geometry, 27.5 wheels and all new Boost rear hub spacing make it a confident and capable adventure companion. 

Like the Road-E you just have to try and make your own mind up. We know you will be amazed. Get the full story here.

Just interested in an elctric bike for commuting, then we have these available on the test day as well. Try the Quick E and Ease-E models perfect commuter models. Get your exercise without arriving in work bathed in sweat. Commuting does not get any easier!Quick-E

This is a free event but all we ask is that you register in advance. It takes 2 minutes to complete the booking form below.

If, after riding an e-bike and you are thinking of purchasing an e-bike, we will have special offers for any orders placed on the day. 

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 27th May - any time between midday and 4pm.


The Upper Carpark in Crystal Palace Park. Look out for the Cadence Car and Gazebo. Or, pop to the shop and we can direct you.


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