Performance Nutrition Workshop

How to gain the competitive advantage through sports nutrition!

When it comes to sport & fitness, what you eat & drink can make or break your performance!

As a qualified Sports Dietitian, Angelina Viola loves to help you as either a competitive or recreational athlete to optimise your nutrition so that you can train and perform at your absolute best!

In this Performance Nutrition Workshop you will learn:

  • What to eat and drink before, during, and after your specific sporting activity
  • How to balance the 4 essential elements to your performance
  • How to develop your personalised sports nutrition program
  • How to achieve your body composition goals
  • How to reduce body fat and eat leaner

Event Info:

Wednesday 11th October at 8pm

Led by Angelina Viola of Smarter Health

This event is entirely free, so we really look forward to seeing you at this great event!


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