An Evening with Jen George

Jen George is well known to many at Cadence.  She will be giving a lively talk and question and answer session about her life of professional women's cycling, and give us an insight into just how hard it is to break into this very male dominated sport.  

The talk will last around 1 hour, with an opportunity for Questions and Answers afterwards. Jen will be covering:
- Her early history and how she became interested in cycling 
- How Jen broke into Professional cycling
- Something about the different pro teams that she  have ridden for.   
- Some of the particular difficulties or barriers that have had to be overcome being a female cyclist 
- Details about her training schedule.  How do you prepare for the season, and also for a particular race. 
- Something about the ups (and downs) over the past seasons.
- What is the future for Women's professional cycling.      
- Where Jen is now now, and where she is heading. 


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