Training for Results Seminar

Whether you’re considering entering your first road race and wondering where to start in terms of training and preparation, or have already raced and are wondering what you can do to improve – this talk is for you!

How to stop ‘just’ riding your bike and start training effectively for racing. On Wednesday August 17th Cadence Performance Coaches Huw Williams and Ciaran O Grady will be presenting a talk aimed at taking your riding to the next level.

We explain by outlining the differences between riding your bike and effective training, revealing all you need to know in preparation for your event and how you can maximize performance on the day.

The talk covers:

Components of Fitness:  The things you need to train in order to improve performance on the bike, including Strength, speed, power, endurance and more.


Plus, we look at the principles of conditioning, the science behind how you go about training.

To book your space please give the Cadence Performance store a ring on 020 8676 8825 and one of our staff members will book your space.

Training for Results Seminar Flyer