WattBike Training for Triathletes

Triathlon WattBike Poster

What do I need to bring
If you are coming along to a session you should bring:

  • Towel to have in the studio with you
  • Suitable clothing to exercise in – you don’t necessarily need cycling shorts but it will be more comfortable if you do use them
  • Small padlock if you want to use our lockers
  • Cycling shoes – the Wattbikes have pedals with toeclips/straps as well as spd lipless pedals, we also have limited numbers of SPD-SL and Look pedals too. Trainers are perfectly Ok but you will find it easier and more comfortable to use cycling shoes, especially if you do a lot of cycling
  • Water bottle – you will sweat a lot so rehydrating is important. If you don’t have a water bottle we sell them in our shop

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