Bike Fit

We have created this service for anyone that wants the ultimate in bike fitting. In our experience, there is a very close correlation  between bike position, how your feet interface with the pedals, your pedaling style and how flexible your body is. It is during their first bike fit that many people really understand how these interrelated issues impact their comfort and power on the bike.  In many cases customers would need to return for further assessment, treatment and advice.  With our Optimum Bike Fit, we have bundled all of these services into a single session available for a fixed price.

The aim is that you leave Cadence in as optimum a position and physical condition as we can achieve.

What’s Included:
The Cadence Optimum Fit includes all of the following for one inclusive price, and most of the service (excluding ongoing therapy) is delivered in one session.

Retul Bike Fit
Our expert fitter will take you through the full Retul fit experience, starting with a physiological check(hamstring flexibility, leg length discrepancies, and feet pronation--all of which have a bearing on your comfort and power on the bike). This is followed by a cleat fit and complete 3D fitting process using the latest Retul equipment.

Custom footbeds
A level foot in your cycling shoe ensures that you do not suffer from issues such as foot soreness, ‘hot foot’ and numbness as well as ensuring you maximise power to the pedals. As part of our Optimum fit we make a pair of customised footbeds (insoles) ensuring your feet are completely comfortable in your shoes, maximising the power you get to the pedals.

Pedal Stroke Analysis
With your new position and footbeds in place, we then take you through a full pedal stroke analysis. Using the latest motion capture and power measurement technology, we analyse your pedal stroke to help eliminate ‘dead spots’ and maximise the power you deliver through your pedaling action.

Flexibility treatment
In virtually all cases during a bike fit, we recommend that the customer continues to work on their hamstring, IT band and hip flexor flexibility. In many cases, simple stretching exercises help, but with the Optimum Bike Fit we go further and include sports therapy sessions or yoga classes as part of the fixed price you pay. These sessions may be used for remedial work. For example, many instances of leg length discrepancy relate to muscular rather than skeletal differences, and good treatment can nearly always rectify the problem. The sessions can also be used to train you on how to stretch effectively and use techniques to improve flexibility and core strength.

How Long does it take?
4.5 Hours

Optimum Bike Fit - £395.00.