New bike

With hundreds of brands and numerous models of bike available, making the right choice is, for some, a very difficult and daunting task. An incorrect purchase can result in you wasting your money on an inappropriate or ill-fitting bike. The needs of different types of cyclists, riding at different levels and in different events necessitates an individual approach to bike choice, something you don’t often get at traditional retail outlets.

Cadence offers a recommendation service and advice to help you make the right choice, whether it be on a bike you already have your eye on, or whether you’re looking for suggestions and options from us. Our advice is based on years of both bike fitting and bike selling and is geared towards your own particular needs, both positional and functional. Once we have undertaken our initial assessment we then take you through the range of sizes, geometries and brands of bike that will suit your needs. You leave your first session armed with the names of bikes that are a good match. Then once you have purchased your bike you return for a full Retul Bike fit which is completed on your new bike.

The session lasts 2.5 hours.

Price £220 (we refund £50 if you end up purchasing a bike through Cadence)

We perform this service based on your existing bike,check your position and discuss any changes you’d like applied then transpose those figures to the new bike. The service includes a set-up of the new bike once its been purchased.

(we refund £50 if you end up purchasing a bike through Cadence) - £220.00.