Cadence offer a unique diagnostic service which analyses your pedal stroke.

Improve speed without changing your fitness

In cycling there is no such thing as ‘free-speed’; faster, more efficient cycling takes either time or money, and always effort. However, the fastest and easiest improvements to road speed and efficiency are often gained from acquiring new skills and the best skill for fast cycling is to develop a more effective pedalling technique.

Pedalling correctly is critical to a rider making optimum use of their strength and fitness. Proper pedalling provides a smooth, continually powerful drive to the road, whilst simultaneously reducing the onset of fatigue. A disciplined pedal stroke, therefore, comes as close to ‘free-speed’ as a rider can get. A well-developed pedal stroke allows you to put 5-10% more power into the pedals without changing your fitness.

Recently, many riders have become aware of the benefits of proper pedalling yet are uncertain of what constitutes the correct way. As a result, our bike fitting, coaching and testing staff are often asked by clients, “how is my pedalling?”. While we always endeavour to provide general, practical advice on this, a proper pedalling assessment is difficult to achieve by simply observing pedal speed or a ‘smooth’ stroke.


How it works

In response to demand for a proper assessment of a riders’ pedalling, here at Cadence we have developed a unique Pedal Stroke Analysis methodology.

Areas covered in your session will include:

  • Identification of ‘dead spots’ – points at which no force is put into your pedalling
  • Left and right leg power imbalance – is one leg working harder than the other?
  • Determination of your angle of peak force – where is the optimum point in your pedal stroke to maximise your speed
  • The data is gathered using the in-built Wattbike software which measures force at 100 points in every pedal revolution. Combined with powerful capture technology you can exactly where you are strong and weak in your pedal stroke.

We believe that these two methods, together with the experience of one of our master fitters will provide you with the most comprehensive Pedal Stroke Analysis that current technology and bio-mechanical theory allow. Using this data we are able to provide you with personalised, practical advice on improving the way you interact with your pedals.

All data is captured electronically and you will receive a comprehensive report containing relevant video files and power graphs, along with really useful guidance on how to improve your pedal stroke.

A Pedal Stroke Analysis takes 1 hour

Pedal Stroke Analysis - £95.00.