Saddle testing service

The goal in setting up our Saddle Test Facility was simple: no rider coming through the door at Cadence should have to endure saddle discomfort on a bike ever again. The vast research and development that saddle manufacturers have made into creating a range of designs and technologies that cater for the full range of body shapes, sizes and intended saddle use mean that the era of the one-size-fits-all approach is over. All manufacturers agree that saddle shape is the most important factor in comfort, and that whilst the amount of foam and its positioning, the materials used in the base and the length and flexibility of the rail materials all play a role, Cadence knows that what makes the real difference is finding the correct saddle shape for the right rider.

For triathletes and time trialists spending extended periods on the nose of the saddle – and good for certain road racers too – a saddle designed by aerodynamics guru John Cobb may well prove ideal, whether it’s his collaboration with ISM to produce the revolutionary Adamo series, or a product such as his own-brand Cobb V Flow Max featuring a heavily padded and lowered nose section combined with a deep-cut channel to relieve pressure in the prostate/perinea area for men and the soft tissue area for women. Cadence appreciate that functional stability and comfort on the bike have a major influence on performance, and by setting up our Saddle Test Facility we’re providing our customers with the opportunity to try a range of saddles before committing to a purchase. By taking advantage of modern technological advances in saddle design we can help you narrow down the options and make an informed choice of saddle right from the outset, and by providing you with the opportunity to actually test ride each one we’ll eliminate the previously long-winded and expensive trial-and-error process of finding the saddle that’s right for you. With brands such as Giant, Fizik, Selle Italia, Prologo, ISM,  and Cobb in our test line-up, all offering something unique in terms of biomechanical design, let Cadence help you find your perfect riding partner.

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You can book on line by using the calendar below or over the telephone. We offer sadle tsting most days 

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Cancellation Policy
If you cancel your fit up to 24 hours before your booked fitting you can reschedule. However, your rescheduled fit may not be on the same day/time as your original fit and can only be on the date/time offered by Cadence.
If you cancel your fit within 24 hours of your fit appointment then you will forfeit any deposit/fee paid. We may, at the discretion of the general manager, offer you an alternative appointment.

Bring your bike in for a 30-minute saddle-testing session on a turbo trainer - £25.00.