Cycling orthotics (also called insoles or footbeds) are an effective way a cyclist can boost both performance and comfort on the bike. Due to the fact that your foot is mainly static inside the cycling shoe whilst pedalling, insoles provide support for collapsing arches, increase power transference and stabilise the leg. They also help towards eliminating hotspots – that tingling you may get along the outside edge of your foot or numbness in your toes.
Because of the unique nature of each person in combination with the shoes they wear, Cadence offers a range of orthotics and after taking an imprint of your feet your insoles are moulded exactly to your foot shape. Your newly created orthotics then replace the insoles in your cycling shoes. It is also worth noting that the custom insoles are transferable if you ever change your cycling shoes.

This custom fitting takes approximately one hour. Your insoles can be prepared in conjunction with a bike fitting or you can book separately.

The service includes fitting and supply of your orthotics - £90.00.