Who is it aimed at?

Our Silver Coaching Package is perfect for cyclists who want a balance between contact with their coach, but might not be requiring as much as the Gold package offers. If you're a beginner this is a good place to start so that you get the help you need to get your fitness levels up but also a training plan that is developed in a progressive way. Intermediate and Advanced riders can really benefit from the increased contact and work with their coach to develop a fully personalised training program.

What benefits will you see?

Improved fitness and efficiency on the bike, making longer, faster rides more sustainable. You’ll see a marked improvement in your ability to tackle more challenging, hilly terrain and therefore a wider range of challenge events will be open to you as you’ll have the confidence and conditioning to take them on. 

How does it work?

We’ll send you a detailed on-line questionnaire that helps us establish your sporting background, current level of riding and what your goals are. You’ll then have a one to one meeting with your coach who will help you devise a monthly plan aimed at achieving your goals, based on the amount of training time you have available. You’ll be given an initial performance benchmark test at one of our Cadence centres in order to determine your existing fitness levels, allowing us to build a structured, personalised on-line training programme which you can access and update 24 hours a day as you progress. This test will be repeated approximately 4 times a year to track progression.

Every two-weeks your coach will communicate via email to check on your progress and every three months you’ll get a personal review of your programme with your coach, either done face to face or online, whatever works best for you. 

What you get?

  • Initial analysis of your background and cycling goals
  • Face to face consultation meeting with your coach to discuss your goals, and agree on your programme
  • Performance testing at one of our Cadence centres, to establish fitness levels.
  • Personalised, on-line training schedule
  • Communication with your coach via email every two weeks
  • Three-monthly one to one review with your coach (either via phone, skype, or in person)

Online or in person?

You choose! You can follow a Cadence coaching plan online or, if you live near one of our centres, in person. Either way you follow a training plan that has been customised for you. If you cannot get to our centre for testing our comprehensive training platform provides you with clear instructions on how to test yourself in the field and to how behave in each session

Next Steps

Before you finally decide on which plan is right for you we would strongly advise you to use our offer of a FREE coaching consultation. The purpose of this discussion is to check This can be done in person at our locations or if you want to join online then the consultation can take place using Skype or telephone.

Still not sure? Then email a coach Here with your questions, or to book your free consultation.

Silver Coaching Plan per month - £80.00.