wattbike classes

The wattbike offers the closest  to riding a road bike, indoors. It is very different and far more advanced than your typical spin bikes



The Wattbike has been independently verified to offer incredible accuracy within 2% across the whole range of Watts. It is factory calibrated for life so you can test and train with absolute confidence.

Real Ride Feel

The Wattbike uses a combination of air and magnetic resistance to deliver the distinctive feel of riding a bike out on the road.

Fully adjustable setup

The ability to minutely adjust the saddle and handlebar positions means the Wattbike can be used by almost anyone and gives the opportunity to re-create the fit and feel of your usual bike.

Polar View

The Polar View is a unique tool which monitors exactly how you distribute power as you pedal. It highlights imbalances and allows you to train with never before seen precision. Using the Polar View you can become a smoother, faster, more efficient cyclist.

Performance Monitor

The Model B Performance Monitor measures over 40 parameters, including power, cadence and heart rate, over 100 times per second. The monitor gives you the ability to create your own sessions and even undertake pre-programmed fitness tests.

Powerapp Compatible

The Performance Monitor on the Wattbike Trainer is Bluetooth enabled, which means you can use it in conjunction with the powerapp to record and analyse your data like never before.

Heart Rate Monitor Compatible

The Wattbike Trainer is compatible with a variety of different heart rate monitors including all Garmin, Suunto, Polar and MyZone models as well as other ANT and ANT+ devices.


The Wattbike connects to many popular training apps and devices including the Wattbike Hub, Strava and Garmin.


We have a range of classes and these operate 7 days per week at our sites in Crystal Palace and Radlett. See the class schedule in the booking section at the bottom of this page. Many of our new customers assume Cadence only caters for serious cyclists – we do, but in fact the majority of our customers are new to cycling and we want to be the people to help and advise you on your cycling journey. Many people use indoor cycling because it’s safe and indoors and not affected by the weather. So, whether you are a complete novice or experienced competitor you are welcome at Cadence.

We operate classes for all of the following:

  • Mums (child minding available for certain sessions - Crystal Palace only)
  • Seniors – for the over 60s
  • Sportive Road riders
  • Competitive cyclists
  • Triathlon competitors
  • Traditional Spin Class attendees

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Our Instructors
We have a range of experienced instructors. All are accomplished Wattbike instructors and are keen cyclists themselves, eager to pass on their experience to our customers.

Our Facilities

Our Crystal Palace studio is equipped with 16 of the latest Wattbikes 8 of the Pro model and 8 Trainer. At Radlett we operate 20 Wattbikes, 10 Pro and 10 of the Trainer model. Our rooms are air-conditioned with state-of-the-art sound, lighting and video projection.

Using the Wattbike software we can arrange races, set the screen to show everyone’s performance and you can play a video, for those looking for something more ‘full on’! There are showers onsite as well as lockers for anyone using our facilities. You can also hire the room for a private session four work or club group, and we can provide an instructor or you can provide your own instructor!

There may be scheduled classes that are not on the timetable during free-ride slots, so please check with staff if you wish to use the studio during these free-ride slots.

What do I need to bring

If you are coming along to a session you should bring:

  • Towel to have in the studio with you
  • Suitable clothing to exercise in – you don’t necessarily need cycling shorts but it will be more comfortable if you do use them
  • Small padlock if you want to use our lockers
  • Cycling shoes – the Wattbikes have pedals with toeclips/straps as well as spd clipless pedals, we also have limited numbers of SPD-SL and Look pedals too. Trainers are perfectly Ok but you will find it easier and more comfortable to use cycling shoes, especially if you do a lot of cycling
  • Water bottle – you will sweat a lot so rehydrating is important. If you don’t have a water bottle we sell them in our shop

Induction class

We would strongly recommend one of our induction classes. These happen most days and during this session we show you how to use the Wattbike and ensure you are correctly set-up on the bike. We also take you through a short 3 minute fitness test which will allow us to to work out you heart and power training zones. You can book a slot on an induction class on the booking calendar below .


One hour session

£5 – Wattbike Introduction class
£12 – prebook or walk-in
£15 – Mum’s session with childminding included

Special discounts
Buy 6 classes and get 1 free (6 for the price of 5) = £60
Buy 10 classes and get 2 free classes (10 for the price of 8) = £96

To purchase a special discount call us call 0208 676 8825 (Crystal Palace) or  01923 850327 (Radlett) or pop in to see us at our locations.

Membership – Unlimited monthly Wattbike studio membership
Sign for 12 months – £35 per month
Rolling monthly membership - £40 per month

With membership you receive:

1.     Unlimited access to the Wattbike studio for the duration of your membership term – attend any class (except private bookings) come in during our free-ride sessions (please check with staff with regards to private bookings schedules).

2.     Discounted max heart rate test with correct calculation of your heart training zones

To purchase a membership call us on 0208 676 8825 (Crystal Palace) or  01923 850327 (Radlett) or pop in to see us

Combined Wattbike/Pilates/Yoga membership

We also offer a combined Wattbike/Pilates/Yoga membership which entitles you to unlimited use of the Wattbike studio, attend any number of our Yoga and Pilates classes during your subscription period:

Sign for 12 months – £49 per month
Rolling monthly membership - £60 per month

To purchase a Wattbike/Yoga/Pilates membership pack call us on 0208 676 8825 (Crystal Palace) or  01923 850327 (Radlett) or pop in to see us at our locations